I had the honor of recording an episode of That Green Dress with Dr. Addy Wissel. She is one of my favorite people and the conversation around finding joy and not listening to what people tell you, you can’t do. Listen to your heart and follow the gut feeling that the universe is telling you is right for you. I spent years listening to society tell me that I couldn’t do what my grandfather and great-grandfather did because it’s what society expected of me. Fuck that. Follow your dreams.


About the Podcast That Green Dress

A Podcast For Living Your Engaged and Joyful Life

That Green Dress is a podcast for women just like you. Women who have found this moment of loss, invisibility, confusion, a lack of motivation or inspiration, or even an increase in self-doubt that’s paralyzed us from living the life we know we deserve.

The truth is, every environment, be it a workplace, home, a relationship, can leave us challenging our beliefs, our worth, and our value – am I doing enough professionally, being enough as a community member, I am attractive enough for my partner, am I making enough healthy meals for my kids…you know, doing ALL the things.

You may have your own version of a green dress, maybe your narrative is that you are a mom in the throws of motherhood and you’ve lost your femininity and identity and you want it back. Perhaps you are entering your second or third career in life and want your experience and history to be valued. Entering the workforce with a degree in hand only to realize the job wasn’t what you imagined. Perhaps you’ve lost your joy and you want to find it…

I want to invite you back into the person you were designed to be by helping you tune in and turn up the volume on your abilities, talents, and gifts. Walking back into the engaged life meant that I had to revisit the woman I was from the very beginning. The engaged life gives you validation and opens you up to encouragement and support from other women navigating through the same territory as you.

When we run alone and empty we reject spaces to get quiet, reflect and imagine because they feel uncomfortable. I want to help you cultivate that space again where you can dream, imagine again. That Green Dress Podcast is going to open you up for the functional alone time and rejuvenating relationships at the same time.

Join me each week championed, energized, renewed, and ready to come out of isolation into the community with other women and ready to live your most engaged life.