I met Tess at the very beginning of the Pandemic. She was giving away her business training for free to help people maintain and grow their businesses during an uncertain time. As we got to know each other more through social media she asked me to be on her podcast. Of course, I said yes! Especially when her podcast was titled Shitty Idea Time. See, everyone that hears I am following in my family’s footsteps of gold gilding thinks it’s a shitty idea. They constantly tell me that there isn’t a market for it. But my clients consistently prove those negative Nancies wrong.




About the Podcast Shitty Idea Time

I help small business owners access their creativity, stop censoring their own ideas and experiment like a boss. Through interviews with business experts and entrepreneurs on unconventional journeys, we prove that there’s no such thing as a bad idea.

This show is a Heart Driven Business Academy production, hosted by the world’s foremost expert on shitty ideas, Tess Ball.