the Project

When someone comes to you and tells you they are opening a hot rod shop and they want you do paint on some old rat rod cars for them, I, of course, said YES! The first project was working on a back panel of a Ford Model A. It had a beautiful patina on it and was found out in a field, it had hay all over it. Sticking with the rat rod feel of the piece, the painting itself needed to have an old-time worn feel. The second project was for a 1929 Ford. He wanted the name of the hot rod shop with a fly. As I was designing the fly I knew I wanted it to feel like the shop itself. I ended up drawing the fly with my finger on my iPhone with the full intention of developing it further later. The team fell in love with it and my quick fly finger drawing ended up on the side of a car. The third project was a door from an old truck, don’t judge, but I have no clue what year/model. This door needed to have the hot rod shop tagline on it. I wanted to add a color that would match this pale green paint and the copper patina. Bringing in a yellow and white was a perfect choice. The fourth project ended up being a small project on a new car the owner had recently purchased and wanted it to resemble an old race car.


the Hot Rod Shop Adventure

In the middle of planning the grand opening, a production company came out to shoot some video at the shop. I was asked if the guys could film me painting the side of one of the cars. It definitely was a different experience. I film my projects all the time, but when there are other bodies around me while painting and staring at me while I’m doing it, I got a little nervous!! All in all, it was a really great experience.


Life after working with the Hot Rod Shop

I’m really happy I had the opportunity to work on the few projects I did at the hot rod shop. I have a lot of people contacting me to do door paintings. I’m really excited to be able to start branching out into this side of the sign painting world. The rat rod culture is great everyone is really nice and I’ve had the opportunity to go to some shows. Here’s to more car and truck painting!



Sign Painting
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