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I was so incredibly honored to attend a gold gilding workshop with Noel B. Weber. This is one of the pieces made in the workshop. Noel designed the piece and each of the students made their own version deciding the techniques, colors, and karat of gold to fill the piece with. What I love about attending workshops like this is that one of your pieces is always customized with where you are or the season it takes place. This makes it really special and your shop starts to fill up with all the workshop memories and amazing people you get to meet and become friends with.


Not Just Another Gold Gilding Workshop

Four gilders and I got to attend this gold gilding workshop after donating to Noel’s Kickstarter. Within a span of thirty minutes three gilders from Arizona were planning their decent on Boise and Noel. I couldn’t be more excited. Noel has so much experience and knowledge and he is willing to share it with all of us. It’s pretty awesome. He wrote to us asking if there was anything specific that we wanted to learn in the gold gilding workshop. I have been dying to know how to scallop and glue chip since I took Anne McDonald’s gold gilding workshop in 2018. Noel didn’t flinch. He set up two additional projects for the whole class to learn how to do it. Instead of getting in on Wednesday and starting Thursday, Noel took us directly from the airport to the shop so we could get started right away. It’s rare for people these days to invest their time in strangers. I couldn’t be more grateful.


I got a little emotional

With this piece, we were screening the last run to back up the gold and finish the piece. Mine was the last to go through the screen and there had been some loose gold that got caught on the screen. That caused my panel to get smudged as it went through the final process. I felt myself getting emotional and it was a combination of everything. We had been working on these panels for four days, I am a perfectionist, and this is an art. It’s amazing when you step away from the computer and put a lot of elbow grease and time into a project how special it becomes. Noel helped teach me how to fix it and it ended up being perfect.


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Gold Gilding
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