Fourth of July

I believe you should live in the moments you want to remember for forever. Allow me to add a personalized, handwritten touch to them for you – so you end up with a keepsake that will flood you with warm memories for years to come. I ascribe for a level of timelessness, elegance, and beauty in my calligraphy and usually partner well with those who enjoy the same.

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The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holds a lot of great memories for me. We used to either climb on the roof of my best friend’s house to watch a 360 view of fireworks in the city before it got huge. Then in college we used to go to this nook in the mountain no one knew about where the fireworks would explode right above our heads (we were a safe distance). This is the one time of year where everyone puts there differences aside and celebrates the nation’s birthday.


Custom Service Pricing and Payment

Custom services are usually more expensive than something you would just grab off a shelf at a store. It also takes more time. Please plan on signing your contracts a minimum of three to six months before the Fourth. Also, contracts that are $500 or less will need to be paid in full at the time of signing. Contracts over $500, will need a 50% deposit at the time of signing and the other 50% before delivery.